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Meet the Owner

Meet Karen, owner of The Barn Yard Wedding & Event Venue. 

We love what we do here at The Barn Yard and making your wedding day your best day ever is our passion! 

We can make your vision come to life.

It would be our honor to help make your

wedding day dream come true!

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The Louisiana Delta…’s a part of our country that helps make the fabric of our land.


I am a Louisiana girl through and through; who headed for sunshine and white sandy beaches in my late 20s.


I worked my fair share of time in corporate America and lived the city girl life. While that time also helped make me who I am - the one thing I never did was forget my roots and country way of living. 


While today, my husband and I own and operate a sign business, it is my country upbringing that brought me back to the lifestyle I live today. My hope is that I have the opportunity to share it with you and help you plan your special day.


If you stop by, you will probably find me on my front porch with some ice tea and watching our cows - it’s the simple things that make this Louisiana girl smile.

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