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My father-in-law retired from the US Coast Guard. At the end of every visit with him, we would hear those words, Be Careful! ”SAFETY FIRST”. . 

While we are small in acreage, those words can still be heard today on our ranch. When you visit or schedule an event at The Barn Yard, you sign an agreement acknowledging that you understand we are an active ranch. If you fail to sign a disclaimer, know that we have signs posted in more than one location that reads you are entering an agricultural area.


The event location is located on a small working ranch and the event falls under Florida's Agritourism Laws, or any other applicable Florida Farm Laws. the barn may be leased for events under Florida's Agritourism for Weddings and Barn Style Events.


Anyone entering our property does so at their own risk. Please always be considerate of where you are. Conduct yourself in a smart and safe manner. Wear the proper attire.


We keep certain gates closed for a reason. If you see a gate that is closed, do not open it. Do not walk into any animal pens or areas of storage.


Don't climb on our tractors, buggy’s, motorized vehicles, fences or gates. Gravity naturally keeps your feet on the ground - please allow gravity to do its job.


While most of our property is smoke free, we do allow smoking in our fire pit area. Smoking is for adults only. When finished, place your cigarette in the provided sand bucket. There is zero smoking in or around the barn. If this rule is broken, you may be asked to leave the property.


This is Florida so watch out for things such as critters, snakes, ants and wasps and other wildlife that may come on to our property.


We know we can’t possibly list all dangers so remember “SAFETY FIRST”.


Thank you for visiting and treating our home with the same respect you would your Momma’s.

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